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Woodgrain Colour Aluminium Profile
As an answer to the new trends within interior design,such as the return of the pure tones of nature, and the growing requests of restoration
projects,Sainty&Yuma supply a range of wood effect decoration for aluminium profiles.
The wood-effect paint line from Italy will allow the production of new solutions that bring together the original design and materials of th-
e buliding ith the confort of modern resources..
The benefit is its versatility in changing colors and painted drawings. These changes are made in only 10 minutes.The quality of the alum-
minium finishing, combined with the many available colors, guarantees innovative, functional and attractive solutions.Besides that, the
new equipment contributes to a better environment because it has a technology that reduces and reuses the polyester residues.
Two-phase process
The wood-effect process has two phases - and demands the whole detail and perfection from the operators point of view.The first phase
Bended,Stamped,CNC Processing
of the process begins with the lacquering of the basis color - each of the five available colors has a different basis ,and is done in the tra-
ditional paint line.
Aluminium Alloy Machining Parts
in place by the usual method. The more durable coloured films necessary in exposed environments can be produced as part of the anodic la-
yer and are quite permanent.The polymerization conditions of the basis color are different from the others. This makes it necessary to
adjust temperatures and conveyer speed, with conditions:
Traditional paint: six-to-10 minutes at 200oC, depending on the color type
Basis color of a wood effect: 15 minutes at 110oC.
The second phase of the process is made in the equipment of wood-effect paint in line with the specific conditions of each drawing.
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