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Product List
1. About The Profile New Dies
Dies are very important to produce the good quality profile.Before client's ordering, we always made the dies and test the dies to produce
some samples. Be sure the dies are no problem on the mass producation.
Dies Tolerance
Keep "-" tolerance at first,about 3-5 tons later, the tolerance always changed to "+",for profile tolerance always keep -/+0.15mm.
Dies Material
High quality Steel alloy is always used as dies material. Because it is strong and softness is also good.Once we get the order from client,
We always prepare 1-2 sets dies for one design profile.
Dies Free Charges
Based different design, we always keep the dies cost free once the first order quantity 2-3tons. At the same time,we also refound this cost
once the quantity to be total 3 tons in the next 5-10 years.
Dies Test Time
Bended,Stamped,CNC Processing
The dies need about 7-10 days in the die factory ,And we need about 3 days to test.Sometime, the dies always have some samll problems
and we need few days to test. From the ordering date , total need about 10-15 days to finish the samples.
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2. About The Weight Of Profile
The profile weight is very important, Because all factories caluclate the profile cost based the profile weight. And the weight has important
reationship with the profile surface colours.
Weight of mill finish(natural aluminium profile)
This is the lightest style, without any surface coating.
Weight of andoized surface
Based different designs, andoized colour has about 0.5%~1% rate of the weight.
Weight of powder coating
Powder coating is high weight because the powder itself has the weight, based our experience, the powder is about 2.5-5% rate of the
weight based different designs and international coated standard GB5237.3-2010.
3. About Profile Packing
Packing Way Sytle.1 Packing Way Sytle.2 Pa cking Way Sytle.3
Style.1 : PE film on the profile surface / foam sheet between the profiles+plastic bundled. (About 10-15pcs in one bundle)
Style.2 : PE film on the profile surface / foam sheet between the profiles+softpaper bundled. (About 10-15pcs in one bundle)
Style.3 : PE film on the profile surface / foam sheet between the profiles+softpaper bundled+wood pallets.
Be noted: Style.1 is very similar as Style 2, but Style 2 is more protection. And Style.2 is about more 1% weight than Style.1
Style.3 is always for europe market, and this packing is high cost also.
4. About The Agent Of Us
The condition to be our agent: 1) Accept our business way"business is honor" 2) Accept our spirit "Service Is Always NO.1" 3)Must be com-
pany not person.
For more details we can discuss by email.
5. About The Price Of Profile
When we quote to client, we always quote a formula and a price.For exmaple, Andoized Price is: SMM+ 600USD (3160 USD). This price inc-
ulded 3 parts : SMM, 600 USD, and 3160 USD. Here will explain for the 3 parts as follow details:
1)SMM is : Shanghai Metal Exchange Of Aluminium Material. this is very similar as LME(London Metal Exchange). This is changed everyday
and today is 2560 USD.Always we fix this price once we get the deposit from client.
2)600 USD is our tooling cost. means our cost and beneft toally.This is fixed , maybe update dollar exchange months.
3)3160 USD is the result caclulated by SMM today +600, if when we get the deposit, the SMM is 2560 USD, then 3160 is the final price.
4)When finished the productation, will calculate total cost based the real weight of the profile and get the final total cost.
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