We have about 600 different designs for LED heat sink now.

We OEM virous heat sink for client and do CNC machining for heat sink.

Foil is less than 0.02 mm thick and is used mainly in the packaging industry for foil containers and wrapping. Foil is also used for electrical applications, building insulation and in the printing industry.

Sheet is between 0.02 mm and 6mm in thickness and has a wide variety of uses in the construction industry including aluminium siding and roofing. Sheet is also used extensively in transport applications such as automobile body panels, airframes and the hulls of boats.

Plate is any rolled product over 6mm in thickness. It also is found in a number of applications including airframes, military vehicles and structural components in bridges and buildings.

1. Alloy Type:
1×××: 1050, 1100,1200
3×××: 3003, 3004,3105, 3005
5×××: 5052, 5005,5754,5083
6×××: 6061

ADC 12, ADC 6,

2. Temper:

3.Thickness Range:
Tolerance: +/- 5%

4.Width Range:

500 mm ~1600 mm width available for the thickness range from 0.02mm~3.0mm
Max width of 2400 mm for the thickness above 1mm.
Width Tolerance: +/- 1 mm

5. Surface Finish:Mill Finish, absolutely flat; free of black spot, line mark, crease, etc.
6. Mechanical Property:
Smaller tolerance upon request
Due to technical reasons not every thickness/width combination available
Chemical composition & Mechanical property comply with ASTM B209